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After a heavy lunch of paella marinara, calamares, and braso-de-mercedes, among others, our emcee, Terry David, probably realized that we could all use an exercise to wake us up in preparation for the lecture of Prof. Ulla Marquardt.

So we divided ourselves into two groups and played a slightly modified version of rock-paper-scissors, or as Terry said, “Hunter-Lion-Rabbit.”

Under the rules of the game, the shotgun-wielding hunter kills the lion (bang-bang); the lion gobbles up the rabbit (roar!); but the wily rabbit gets to outsmart the hunter (wiggle-wiggle).

As an aside, the history of rock-paper-scissors was traced to 17th century Japan. Children then played a street game where two teams would meet on opposite ends of a field and then send individual runners off toward each other. The runners would challenge each other to a game of rock-paper-scissors (or as the Japanese would say, jan-ken-pon, which Filipinos would later call jack-en-poy) with the winner running back victorious to his end of the field.

As for our own lame effort to strategize during Terry’s best-of-three game, I suppose it only showed that we are better off writing stories than playing the adult version of rock-paper-scissors.



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