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No KAFka but KAFACFJ tribe July 11, 2008

Posted by Carolyn O. Arguillas in ACFJ, ACFJ alumni.

Have you ever attended an alumni reunion where you have to listen to lectures and be quizzed at the end of each?

Welcome to the (first) alumni reunion of the Ateneo de Manila University (Konrad Adenauer Foundation Asian Center For Journalism).

It’s 11:09 a.m., two hours after we started the reunion conference – Multimedia in Asian Newsrooms, the theme of the 3rd Forum of Emerging Leaders in Asian Journalism at Room 201, CTC, Ateneo de Manila University.

Fr. Jose Cruz welcomed everyone with a question on Steve Balmer’s favorite TV show – “Lost.”

“Balmer who?” he asked.

Balmer is Microsoft’s chief executive officer . The man who said in a recent interview, “In the next 10 years, the world of media companies will be turned upside. There will be no newspapers or magazines delivered in paper form. Everything will be delivered in electronic form.”

Print media is coming to an end?

KAF’s Wener vom Busch said each time he comes to Ateneo, it feels like coming to a family gathering. In 10 years, he said, we’d (the alumni) probably be a tribe.

Nah, this is no KAFka tribe although the initials KAFACJF may sound Kafkaesque, haha.

Dr. Valdez introduced the conference.

And this being a unique alumni gathering, emcee Terry David expects us to remember the 3Rs: Renew. Reflect. Recharge.

You’re left with no choice, actually. Terry and the KAFACFJ made sure of that: in front of each participant, on the table, are meta cards and a permanent marker. At the end of each session, we are supposed to write down in a few words our reflection on what the speaker said.

Oh, you cannot NOT write. You have to affix your signature at the lower right.

Remember Chay’s lectures? No free lunch!

(And just as I was about to post this, Terry says “submit your meta cards. That’s your ticket to lunch”).



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