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Zaky’s concerns July 22, 2008

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Zaky Yamani has some questions for Leo, which he sent in as a comment to the post “A piece of Leo’s mind.” But it’s a long piece, so we’re posting it here as a separate entry to this blog.

Zaky raises several points that I’m sure are uppermost in the minds of many of us who are used to single-media, rather than multi-media reporting. Do we give up the depth of single-media reporting, and shift to the (sometimes) shallow but speedy multi-media reporting?

Here’s Zaky’s reply to Leo;

I tried to understand what Leo said about journalism today. I believe almost all of us have no doubt that journalists required to be multi-skilled and multi-tasked, and of course have to be familiar with multimedia culture. But I have some questions for Leo, and maybe for others.

Here are the questions (Well I try my best to articulate my questions):

1. With all these fast-changing technologies, the changing of social and cultural values (and also behavior), the changing situation of global economy, the changing of media culture (and also behavior of media owners, journalists, etc), will media company and journalism as a profession survive?

2. With the emerging force of citizen journalism and citizen journalists (the notion that have been caught by media owners –at least here in Indonesia– to get and to deliver news stories without paying the journalists who wrote or reported it), will we, journalists who chose this profession to make a living, survive?

3. As one of multimedia culture products, that news stories have to be delivered in fast, ultratight writing and editing or in other words produced instantly, will in-depth reports or investigative reports still in journalists or media owners’ minds

Maybe I sound skeptical about media and journalism situation today. This is because I’m concerned about the future of this profession. I read some articles in Washington Post, International Herald Tribune, or The New York Times, that described how journalism affected by globalization, and of course by global economy.



A piece of Leo’s mind July 22, 2008

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Here are a few words from Leo Magno, whose talk at the recent 3rd Forum of Emerging Leaders in Asian Journalism/Ateneo-ACFJ Alumni Homecoming elicited hoots and howls and generated some discussion among us alumni. (Actually it’s good because it makes us think of the future of the profession and of journalists).

This was written originally as a comment, but I’m posting it as an entry for everyone to read. My comment to Leo: you make me sound so ancient! In the words of Werner vom Busch, a “dinosaur.” But at least I know how to blog. Anyway, here’s a piece of Leo’s mind:

i also failed to mention during my talk that, yes, our entry-level reporters (the multi-skilled, multi-platform ones we are getting for the first time), also DO get compensated better than our counterparts in print and even some from TV

so yah, the passion is there, they are flexible and yes, they are remunerated well

THAT is the passion i speak of — from a new breed of journalists who were already multimedia and multi-platform even before they were hired, and so they do get paid well (the last 6 reporters we hired were such people, but one of them didn’t make the cut, it’s the harsh reality we have to face — that our needs are very specialized and not everyone will make it)

it would be harder to, say, hire a reporter working for X number of years whose salary has already skyrocketed in his/her previous media organization and then train that person against his or her will and demand to just write and get the pay he/she has already been accustomed to

whereas, the passion i speak of in our new hires is already existent since they work with multimedia in their daily lives — via blogs, youtube and the like. they were born in the Internet generation, the Internet was already there and, for them, is now like pen and paper was to us


No KAFka but KAFACFJ tribe July 11, 2008

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Have you ever attended an alumni reunion where you have to listen to lectures and be quizzed at the end of each?

Welcome to the (first) alumni reunion of the Ateneo de Manila University (Konrad Adenauer Foundation Asian Center For Journalism).

It’s 11:09 a.m., two hours after we started the reunion conference – Multimedia in Asian Newsrooms, the theme of the 3rd Forum of Emerging Leaders in Asian Journalism at Room 201, CTC, Ateneo de Manila University.

Fr. Jose Cruz welcomed everyone with a question on Steve Balmer’s favorite TV show – “Lost.”

“Balmer who?” he asked.

Balmer is Microsoft’s chief executive officer . The man who said in a recent interview, “In the next 10 years, the world of media companies will be turned upside. There will be no newspapers or magazines delivered in paper form. Everything will be delivered in electronic form.”

Print media is coming to an end?

KAF’s Wener vom Busch said each time he comes to Ateneo, it feels like coming to a family gathering. In 10 years, he said, we’d (the alumni) probably be a tribe.

Nah, this is no KAFka tribe although the initials KAFACJF may sound Kafkaesque, haha.

Dr. Valdez introduced the conference.

And this being a unique alumni gathering, emcee Terry David expects us to remember the 3Rs: Renew. Reflect. Recharge.


Multimedia and Democracy July 11, 2008

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The 3rd Forum of Emerging Leaders in Asian Journalism opened this morning. Atty JJ Disini opened the Forum with a talk on Multimedia and Democracy.

3rd Forum of Emerging Leaders in Asian Journalism July 10, 2008

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More than 40 alumni of the Konrad Adenuaer Asian Center for Journalism meet in Manila for the 3rd Forum of Emerging Leaders in Asian Journalism on July 11 and 12, 2008 at the Ateneo de Manila University in Quezon City.

The Forum also serves as a homecoming for graduates of the M.A. Journalism Program from 2003 to 2007.

The theme of the Forum is Multimedia in Asian Newsrooms, highlighting the convergence of media and platforms that characterize news reportage.

Hello ACFJ Alumni! July 10, 2008

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This is the blog for and by the M.A. Journalism alumni of the Konrad Adenauer Asian Center for Journalism (ACFJ), created specifically as a venue to share the proceedings of the 3rd Forum of Emerging Leaders in Asian Journalism.

The Forum is also the Homecoming of M.A. Journalism alumni from 2003 to 2007.

Welcome all!