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Zaky’s concerns July 22, 2008

Posted by luzrimban in ACFJ, journalism.
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Zaky Yamani has some questions for Leo, which he sent in as a comment to the post “A piece of Leo’s mind.” But it’s a long piece, so we’re posting it here as a separate entry to this blog.

Zaky raises several points that I’m sure are uppermost in the minds of many of us who are used to single-media, rather than multi-media reporting. Do we give up the depth of single-media reporting, and shift to the (sometimes) shallow but speedy multi-media reporting?

Here’s Zaky’s reply to Leo;

I tried to understand what Leo said about journalism today. I believe almost all of us have no doubt that journalists required to be multi-skilled and multi-tasked, and of course have to be familiar with multimedia culture. But I have some questions for Leo, and maybe for others.

Here are the questions (Well I try my best to articulate my questions):

1. With all these fast-changing technologies, the changing of social and cultural values (and also behavior), the changing situation of global economy, the changing of media culture (and also behavior of media owners, journalists, etc), will media company and journalism as a profession survive?

2. With the emerging force of citizen journalism and citizen journalists (the notion that have been caught by media owners –at least here in Indonesia– to get and to deliver news stories without paying the journalists who wrote or reported it), will we, journalists who chose this profession to make a living, survive?

3. As one of multimedia culture products, that news stories have to be delivered in fast, ultratight writing and editing or in other words produced instantly, will in-depth reports or investigative reports still in journalists or media owners’ minds

Maybe I sound skeptical about media and journalism situation today. This is because I’m concerned about the future of this profession. I read some articles in Washington Post, International Herald Tribune, or The New York Times, that described how journalism affected by globalization, and of course by global economy.